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CoachCom2020 – The SME Instrument Community

CoachCom2020 is a coordination and support action (H2020-635518; 09/2014-08/2016) which has been selected by the European Commission to develop a framework for the business innovation coaching offered to the beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

CoachCom2020 works with 3 groups of stakeholders to help SMEs succeed with their business innovation projects and master the next challenge on their innovation journey as they move from one stage in their life cycle to the next:

CoachCom2020 provides the SME Instrument coaching community with an organizational set-up, an operational platform, and an infrastructure for peer learning, including:

CoachCom2020 consists of a consortium of complementary organizations working in the field of business innovation coaching or innovation support throughout Europe, including: Innovayt SA (DK) (Coordinator), Platinn - Association Plateforme pour l’Innovation (CH), Scottish Enterprise (UK), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT), TII – Association Européenne pour le Transfert des Technologies (LU), CENTRIM at the University of Brighton (UK) and Oppidoc SARL (FR).

The advisory board includes Max Adams from the University of Greenwich, Lutgart Spaepen from Enterprise Flanders, Adela Hradilova and Jindrich Weiss from the South Moravian Innovation Centre, Cedric Höllmüller from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Philipp Bubenzer from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, and others.

Contact our coordinator Andreas Wolf for more information: